Treasures of Heaven

When I have been focused more on Jesus Christ, a lot of things that I thought were important simply don’t matter anymore. There are a lot of treasures of the world that seem really appealing—more income, more savings, better stuff, nicer house, more followers—and they aren’t necessarily bad things, unless they become too important and […]

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I have to sacrifice, and sometimes it feels really hard to sacrifice the things that I want and the things that feel so important. But I try to remember that sacrifice is giving up one thing for something else that is better. Sometimes I’m so inclined to focus on what I’m giving up that I […]

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Having it all

We can’t have it all. As mothers, sometimes we feel pressure to do everything: work, stay-at-home, go back to school, start a new business, sign our kids up for various programs, do a better job at taking care of our house, whatever. I know a lot of moms who work–and it’s really hard to balance […]

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